spring cleaning

good morning loves, happy monday...anyone?

ugh, what a drag monday morning is...the end of the weekend and the beginning to a new week.

this past weekend was one of my favs - spent entirely in the city. i did some spring cleaning saturday and took all the old items out of my closet - if i hadn't worn them in the last six months it was buh-bye! it was hard saying good bye to a lot of my items, however, with the help of my girlfriend Nicci we were able to split our union.

the thing that kept me going and kept me emptying was the exciting idea that the more i removed, the more space i have to fill with new and exciting pieces!!!

after removing about 40 hangers from my closet (yes, 40!!!!) i filled up a couple bags and headed to a vintage/thrift consignment store around the corner from our place. what was left over and unwanted will all be going to my local goodwill or salvation army. however, my trip was not wasted...

i came home with a few vintage gems that i will show you soon..abated breath is best :)

have a great day everyone!

kaitlin mae xo

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