flowy saturday swag

saturdays are one of my favourite days to dress for - there are a few key things i keep in mind: be comfy, be flowy and be clean. what i mean by flowy is i try to stay relaxed - wear a flowy blouse, a not-so-tight tee, loose fitting jeans, etc. saturdays are about relaxation and ease and that's what i try to keep my outfits as. what i mean by clean is keep all lines clean - a la striped sweater as below - don't make the outfit too busy.

this past saturday was a very relaxing day, as it should be, and i kept that enthused with my outfit. i wore my new fav mullet blouse, one of my absolute fav thrifted sweaters, comfy spandex tights, the comfiest shoes a girl could find and totally natural, untouched hair.

My effortless Saturday attire

 SWEATER / rigorous mess; MULLET BLOUSE / chocolat; TIGHTS / romeo & juliet couture; PURSE / vintage; SCARF / ysl; BOOTS / hunter; SUNNIES / d&g

you can see from everything from my outfit to my hair to the no make-up face that saturdays are an essential day in my busy week to be chill. 

thanks to my special model, boo, for shooting with me.

happy monday everyone!


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