mixing patterns and prints

one of the funnest things to do when dressing is trying to think out of the box; it could be the hardest thing too but when you come out with a great outfit you feel confident about, it makes it all worthwhile.

years ago, maybe even months ago (maybe), it would not have been 'fashionable' to mix prints and patterns - it was like you were dressing yourself with a blind eye. this, however, is no longer the case. fashion has become more fun and dropped most of the boundaries. patterns and prints mix and match juxtaposition is now all the rave; i agree.

i believe that mixing prints is easy if you stick to one guideline - the color palette is along the same lines, also if you are mixing patterns on top, try to keep the bottom minimal and neutral - like black skinnies. i created such a look for work this past week:

SWEATER / h&m; BLOUSE / thrifted; SKINNIES / zara; BOOTIES / spring; CARGO JACKET / armani exchange; NECKLACE / joe fresh; BROOCH / vintage, h&m; PURSE / thrifted; SCARF / yves saint laurent; BRACELETS / juicy couture, vintage; WATCH / michael kors; EARRINGS / f21; RINGS / peoples, juicy couture, vintage

this outfit was perfect for a day in and out of meetings at the office. i was comfortable but felt chic at the same time. mixing prints doesn't have to be so complicated, stop thinking about it and just DO!

kaitlin mae xo 


  1. Love the polka dots under the bold stripes!

    Adorable :)

    xo, Megan



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