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every girl needs a few key pieces in her closet to make dressing each day a littttllleee easier. each and every day i struggle choosing what i want to wear and how i want to introduce myself to the world as i'm sure a lot of you have experienced also. i have congregated 2 great pieces that you should always have in your closet to make dressing a little easier...

one of the easiest ways to look and feel great is a beautiful jacket - whether you're jetting off to work, late as per usual if you're like me, taking the dog for a walk or running errands, one of the best ways to look put together is with a great jacket.

below is one of my favs - it goes without saying that i am a HUGE leopard addict; i probably never leave the house without one leopard piece. this jacket is VERY versatile - dress it up with a flowy skirt for a night on the town or dress it down with boyfriend jeans and a white tee. regardless of how you wear it, i promise you will look fabulous!

 JACKET / banana republic; SKIRT / forever 21; BOOTS / hunter

if you are not a claimed leopard addict as i, you can always alter your 'perfect jacket' to fit your lifestyle better. this perfect jacket could be a vintage levis jacket that fits exceptionally well (i prefer to peruse my local value village or goodwill for such steals) or a rockin', badass cropped black leather jacket that every girl should have room for in her closet. both of these suggestions can been worn with jeans (yes, you can still mix n' match your jean jacket to your jeans) or over-top a floral dress to toughen up the girly appeal. either way, there is always a great jacket for each and every one of us girls, you just need to make sure it is the right fit for your body, your budget and your lifestyle!

another 'go buy NOW' item is a good pair of shoes. i didn't know what a good pair of shoes was until my girlfriend introduced me to hunter boots - yes, they are rubber boots - but they are TO DIE FOR. i actually find myself hoping and praying that we get a rainy day soon so i don't look awkward and unaware of the weather wearing these things on a sunny day. you can find these at a ton of retail shoe stores and you will thank your lucky stars you did!

the one and only hunters

hunters usually retail for $150.00 (might seem a little steep to sum but i promise you that you get what you pay for!). also available are fleece inserts for the colder days, mind you i probably only wore my inserts once. hunter boots are good for up to -25 degrees and  i'm happy to vouch that this is 100% true. i picked mine up from 'get outside', a trendy shoe boutique on queen st w - you can visit their website at www.getoutsideshoes.com/.

these are just a few of my day-to-day must haves. i hope these few tips will help you to get dressed a little easier each morning and feel good about your choices!

kaitlin mae xo

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