days for the girls

i absolutely love spending quality time with my boyfriend and our puppy at home, either relaxing and watching a movie, cooking dinner with a glass of wine together - well, jake would be cooking...me drinking - or going for a nice walk and coffee stop throughout the city but a girl alwayssss needs a nice girls' day too.

last week, one of my bestest and longest girlfriends, alex, came for her 'weekly city visit'. we decided to take the pups, yes plural, i was babysitting my parents' pup maddie, for a nice, long walk throughout the neighbourhood. usually for dog walks i like to be comfy and warm as i am always cold. you can look fashionable while taking the dog for a walk with only a few key pieces; a comfy pair of shoes - i always reach for my hunters - a warm and fabulous jacket, a great pair of sunnies is KEY and last but not least a wool scarf to keep from getting a chill. all the while thinking about your outfit choices, please do not forget about the puppies, haha!

my go-to dog walk outfit

JEANS / zara; BOOTS / hunter; WOOL SCARF / h&m;
ARMY JACKET / thrifted ($5.99!!!) / GENUINE OSTRICH BELT / vintage; SUNNIES / d&g

taking the pups for a walk, or just getting outside for a walk if you are sans puppies is always the perfect way to spend some time with your girlfriends, just breathe, talk, feel refreshed and spend some quality time with your puppies too.

another thing i love to do with my girlfriend(s) is go for a lunch/dinner/drink/ dessert date at a killer restaurant. while it is always nice to stay at one of your condos, which will help to save some money too, it always feels great to get out, dress up and find a new little restaurant in your hood. my girlfriend alex and i found a quaint little restaurant on queen st west and decided to enjoy some of our favourite things - tea and a LARGE slice of cake!

a fabulous dinner in with some girlfriends


a twenty-something girl's tea party

if you are on a budget, which most city girls are, you want to spend your money on things that you will really enjoy. while you're still stepping out and looking gorgeous doing it, you are not breaking the bank enjoying a large piece of cake and a tea - if you are not a tea fan, as i am an old tea granny, you can always swap that orange pekoe for a green tea or even some rose or wine.

whatever you choose to do, please remember that a girl always needs her girlfriends. make sure to make time for your girls, you will be happy you did!

kaitlin mae xo

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